Wife of cuckolded dad says she is ‘proud’ of her husband for coming home with ‘blood’

DURHAM, N.C. (AP) A former wife of a cuckolding father says she’s “proud” of her boyfriend for coming back from the brink of death after he cucked her.

Amber Smith, 29, who was pregnant with their first child when she met the man in 2013, said her father told her he was having sex with another woman and she was crying.

Smith, a social worker, told the AP she and her boyfriend are now living together in a condo in Durham, N, after the man’s death.

Smith says the man told her they had sex at least three times and that she had a baby.

She says her father never talked about what happened but told her the next day he wanted to give her a ride home.

The Durham Police Department said it was unable to comment.