Uber’s coupon promotion gets more aggressive and more aggressive than usual

Uber is going all out in its coupon promotion this week, and is offering up to 10% off its rides, if you’re an UberX or UberPool user.

The offer will only be valid through Friday, March 21st, and lasts until April 11th.

The 10% discount will be applied to all UberX and UberPool rides, but UberX customers will also receive a 10% refund on the entire cost of the ride.

The promo will run until April 3rd, and the 10% price cut will expire on April 11, 2019.

Uber’s promo is one of the biggest promotions of the year, and if you’ve never used Uber before, this promotion might be a good place to start.

However, it’s possible to use the promo for the first time, as well.

Uber has also offered discounts on other rides as well, such as free wifi in cities with a large population of UberX drivers.

If you’re a new user, you might want to try this one out before committing to a year of service.

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