When you’re not working, your soul can be yours

Not too long ago, when I was struggling to keep up with the work of running my own business, I thought about doing something that I’d never done before: selling my soul to a soul eater.

And I’m not the only one.

The soul eater trade has seen a significant expansion in recent years, and the industry is booming.

“I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve had a soul eater come to my place,” says Amanda, who runs a popular soul eater in Toronto, where she is a chef and a soul foodie.

Amanda, a Canadian who moved to Toronto with her husband in 2011, has lived in Toronto for nearly four years.

When I was still in university, she and her husband opened a soul-eating restaurant in Mississauga, Ont., with a mission to “bring soul to the city.”

Since then, they’ve opened a dozen more soul-food restaurants, all in Toronto and Mississauga.

(Amanda and her partner, Mark, are the owners of the Toronto Soul Eater.)

As Amanda explains, it’s a little different than selling your soul to another soul eater, who has the opportunity to eat you alive.

“When you buy the soul, it is like a piece of meat,” she says.

“You can’t eat it.

You can’t touch it.

It’s just like a part of you.”

There are different types of soul-eaters, each offering different types and levels of satisfaction.

“The one that I like the most is the one that is kind of a little more refined, like a little bit more expensive,” Amanda says.

You get the full experience of eating the soul.

“It’s like a restaurant that you could have a meal in.”

The soul eaters’ price varies depending on the type of soul they are offering.

At the most basic level, a soul will cost $30 to $40 for a few bites.

There are other soul-eater options, too, including the more refined and expensive ones that are usually sold for $20 to $25.

Amanda is a bit of a “buyer’s market” for the soul-eliciting soul eater offerings, as she is often the first soul-meat buyer to arrive at her eatery.

“A lot of people don’t know that they can actually buy their soul and it’s not just the meat,” Amanda said.

“If you are in a bad mood and you want to eat, you can come to the soul eater and it will have a little sauce on it.”

If you’re looking for the ultimate soul eater experience, Amanda says that she recommends her “best-selling” soul-diet to any soul eater who comes to her restaurant.

“People think soul eating is so soul-tasting that you have to be in a particular mood to enjoy it, but it’s really just the opposite,” she said.

Amanda has been the soul food-loving chef at Soul Eater for the past two years.

She says her soul eater friends are “just a bunch of super-nice people,” who have a lot of love for food.

She and her business partner Mark are both soul eatters, but she also runs a “soul-eat” business called Soul-Eater, which sells soul-shaped dishes and other soul food items to people who want to taste the taste of the soul without buying a soul.

Amanda says she gets a lot more soul food than most soul eatings do, and she is also the one to choose the soul and the soul meal, which is her favorite type of food.

“There’s a lot that you get in the soul that really makes you feel good,” she explained.

“And the soul is what makes you want something.”

For example, her favourite dish, the soul sandwich, is made with a mixture of whole grain flour, sugar and a variety of spices, which can be used to make a delicious, sweet and savoury dish.

“Most of the time I go for the whole thing, which I like to eat with a little something in between,” Amanda told Marketplace.

“Like a bit more of a sauce.

Like a bit with the meat.

A little bit with something on top.”

Amanda is one of the souls who is also a fan of soul food, but says she’s not the first to try to create a soul sandwich.

“In Toronto, you’ll see them on street corners, on tables in restaurants.

You’ll see people with soul sandwiches on their plates,” she told Marketplace, referring to the popular soul food restaurants that cater to the hipster crowd.

“They look so delicious.

They’re delicious.”

Amanda and Mark also like to make soul sandwiches.

“We like to do the soul,” Amanda explains.

“This is my favorite way to eat.

I really enjoy it.”

Amanda also says she has a special place in her heart for soul food.

When she was a teenager, she spent her summers in Mississaug