The real story behind a video showing anal creamps, eating, and support from a woman who loves it

A video that went viral last week of a woman enjoying her anal creams and getting her friend’s attention has since been taken down from the internet.

A spokesperson for the woman who filmed the video says the video is fake.

“It’s not real, it’s just a staged video of someone having anal sex,” said the spokesperson in an email.

The video was uploaded on March 6 to the online platform Reddit by a user named “slightlyturtle” who goes by the username “slammingdudebot.”

In the video, a woman’s friend, who goes as “slimyass,” tells her to sit on the couch, sit down, and relax.

When she does, the woman’s body is exposed, and she begins to eat the creams.

She then shows her friend how to eat them.

“I like to eat my creams because I like to be in control,” she says.

She also says she enjoys anal sex.

The Reddit user who uploaded the video to Reddit has since removed it from the website.

But the video has been widely shared on social media sites, including Facebook and Instagram.

“Slimy ass slut” says the woman with the video.

“This woman is an ass slut.”

But many of those sharing the video say they didn’t think the woman was actually having anal creamiest or eating them, and they are outraged that someone could use the video as a tool to spread fake news about her.

“These are just horrible people,” said one user named mikael.

“What a fucking piece of shit.”

The Reddit video has also been removed from several other social media platforms, including Reddit.

A Reddit spokesperson told CBC News that the Reddit video is being taken down.

“We’ve removed the video from Reddit,” said spokesperson Lauren Vollman.

“The person who uploaded it has apologized, and we’re working with them on a resolution.”

Vollmann said the company is working with the Reddit user to make sure the Reddit post is removed.

She did not immediately respond to CBC News’ request for comment.

Reddit has previously banned users for posting false or misleading content on its website.

The company has previously said it takes its “community guidelines very seriously.”

“Reddit takes its community guidelines very, very seriously,” Vollmiller told CBC.

“As such, we take this matter very seriously and are working with our moderators to remove this user’s post and any other content that violates our community guidelines.”