‘I’m eating bacon’: How you can help your dog feed her favourite food

A dog who can’t stand the thought of eating bacon has had her stomach filled with bacon, and she loves it.

The fluffy, fluffy dog has been named Bella and has been in foster care for the past two years.

The 11-year-old, who was adopted by an animal charity in 2016, had been a favourite of Bella’s since she was a puppy.

Now she can’t resist the taste of bacon.

Bella’s favourite food is the bacon that goes with her favourite biscuits, and the food has been her biggest source of comfort and excitement ever since.

She has been a great source of joy and a source of hope, Bella’s owner, Karen Smith, told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“We’ve had her for two years now, she’s been in our house for about three months and now we’ve got her with us for about four months.”

It’s a really big boost to her, she can eat it, she loves to eat it.

“When she’s at home she enjoys it, I love to feed her the biscuits.”

I’m trying to find ways to get her to eat more of it, we’ve just got to keep going.”‘

It’s so sweet’The food has brought comfort to Bella, who has become quite a celebrity on social media.”

She loves it so much she’s starting to eat off the spoon, she likes it so bad, it’s so good,” Smith said.”

Bella can sit and eat it all day long, we do a lot of things to try and get her going on that food, so we’ve been trying to give her the best.

“You could just tell when she’s getting on with it.

It’s so tasty.”

That’s a sign that she’s got a good appetite.

“The dog’s owner says Bella’s favourite foods are biscuits, biscuits with bacon and biscuits with bread.

Smith says she is keeping a close eye on the dog and has even started feeding her a bit of the biscuit food when she comes home.”

What I’m doing now is I’m taking a biscuit out of her mouth and I put it on her food, and we’ll put it in her mouth when she goes to bed and she’ll go right through it,” she said.

Smith said the biscuits with the bacon, as well as the biscuits and bread, are part of Bella-bacon, the dog’s favourite snack.”

There’s not too much difference between them, it is the same biscuit but there’s bacon on the bottom and bacon on top,” she explained.”

But we’ve added a bit more bacon and that’s why she loves them so much.

“Smith said she was happy with how Bella has responded to the food.”

The bacon has really helped, she doesn’t even know it’s there, it just melts in her tummy and she enjoys eating it,” Smith explained.

She also loves the way Bella enjoys a little chocolate.”

One day she’s going to put chocolate on it, that’s a great thing for her, it makes her happy,” Smith added.”

Some days I just put a bit on her biscuits and that just makes her smile.

“Hopefully she will continue to get better, she is a very good dog, she will get better.”

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