Why China’s pandas don’t eat bamboo

As the Chinese government begins to remove more of its wildlife and habitats from the mainland, pandas are not being phased out entirely.

In fact, it’s not clear whether pandas will remain at all.

As the Associated Press reports, China is considering “a new strategy” to protect the species, and one that may include more pandas.

It is unclear whether the strategy will involve pandas as the government plans to “decontaminate” areas around the world where pandas live.

One of the most popular areas is the Amazon, where the animals are known to thrive.

The BBC reported that the “conservationists say the situation is so dire that they fear it is more urgent than ever to find a new home for the animals.”

The BBC also said that some experts believe that pandas have already been relocated from the wild, as China announced this week.

This is not the first time China has announced that it intends to remove pandas from its territory.

In 2017, it announced that the country was moving the “tongguo pandas” into a zoo and that they will be relocated to a new site.

In 2018, it also announced plans to relocate the “mamba” pandas to a park in southern China.

But as the AP points out, the “panda” term has become an official term used by China to refer to the panda.

This term has also been used to refer not only to pandas, but to the mountain gorillas, which also have an indigenous population.

According to the AP, the government has not officially announced any plans to move the pandas yet.

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