What if you could eat your dick?

Politico reports that gay porn star Justin McElroy recently got into a heated debate with another man about eating his dick.

McElroy told a New York Times reporter that the other man had been eating his ass and that he wanted to go back to eating his cock.

He said that he didn’t want to do that.

The reporter then asked if McElrion was really eating his asshole and McElry said, “No, I’m just eating my dick.”

The Times report goes on to report that McElroe has been accused of “pushing” his penis down other people’s butts and that the man accused him of pushing his penis against a man’s butt.

McElrley’s wife and co-host of the show, the actor and producer David Caruso, told TMZ that they were both surprised and horrified by the comments.

“This is what I see on gay porn, that if you have the opportunity to eat your own dick, you do it,” Carusopo said.

“It’s not right, it’s not healthy.

You shouldn’t be able to do this.

I hope the judge is watching and that these guys get off.”

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