What if gay people ate more gay ass?

By now you probably know the story of the New York City homeless population.

Homeless people are often confused with drug users, and the homeless population can be a source of frustration and fear.

This article will look at what happens when gay men get into gay ass riding, and why it’s a bad idea.

The New York Times article about gay ass drinking in the homeless section begins with a quote from Dr. Andrew Weil, a clinical psychologist at the University of California, San Francisco, who was interviewed by the NYT for their article about the phenomenon of gay ass sucking.

Dr. Weil was interviewed for a segment about the effects of homeless people drinking on their health, and it was also the subject of a much-talked-about 2012 documentary, “Gay Ass Drinking.”

The documentary was also a topic of discussion in the Times piece, as was the story that led to Dr.

Weil’s article. 

Dr. Weill wrote in an article for the New Republic that the gay ass-drinking phenomenon is largely a “disorganized phenomenon” that can’t be explained with science. 

“The problem, I would argue, is not that people engage in gay ass dancing, but rather that they engage in the same kinds of behaviors that lead to a range of psychiatric and other problems, including substance abuse and homelessness,” he wrote.

“They’re not only doing it for fun; they’re doing it out of fear and self-preservation.

They’re doing so because they know that if they do not do it, they will be judged for it and their safety will be threatened.” 

The article goes on to suggest that the phenomenon is “a particularly difficult social problem” that “can take many forms” and “is usually best understood as a response to the pressures and fears of the homeless.”

The article also suggests that the problem of gay-ass riding has been exacerbated by the “cognitive distortions” of gay men, who think “the whole thing is about gay men.”


Weill concludes that the “problem of gayass riding” is a social  disorder that can only be explained by the presence of gay people in the public sphere.

He believes that gay people are contributing to a “fictional epidemic of homelessness” by driving a “cult of gay masculinity.”

“In order to understand the phenomenon, one needs to understand how gay men think, feel, behave, and behave in a society,” he writes.

“This is not an easy task, because gay men have long been stereotyped and treated as dangerous.

In a society where the notion of homosexuality is so strongly stigmatized, it is even harder to understand what gay men feel and think in order to empathize with them. 

So while gay men are a significant part of the homelessness problem, the real issue is not gay men but the way we conceptualize and interpret the problem.”

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