New weed eater at the Humboldt Park Zoo will get a vegan menu

Eat and park will open a new vegan restaurant in Humbolds town centre.

Humbood park is in the process of opening its first vegan restaurant and it will be serving up delicious vegan meals.

The new vegan dining facility is set to open in March.

Read more read more “Humbood Park Zoo is a park that has long been a hot spot for vegan food.

We wanted to celebrate the vegan movement in the city, so we wanted to take a stand,” says Humboota Park Zoo director Michael Hutton.

“The vegan menu we are launching will be a big step forward in the history of the park.”

Hutton says the Hutton Vegan Cafe will be one of the first places to serve vegan dishes.

The cafe will also be home to a vegan burger and a vegan cheese cake.

Hutton hopes to open the restaurant in time for the park’s centenary celebrations in May.

“We’ve been waiting for the right time for this and we are so excited to have it here,” he says.

The Humbulls vegan restaurant will be open from March and the park is planning to have a vegan coffee bar and a restaurant to go along with the café.

It is also looking to attract a range of visitors to the park.

“A lot of our tourists are coming to Humbodt park, so they are looking for a little bit of a different experience.

We want them to have the same opportunity to eat in a vegan friendly environment,” says Mike.

Huttons cafe is expected to have two separate entrances to the zoo.

A first entrance will be located at the centre of the town centre, with an outdoor seating area on the top level.

The second entrance will open in the summer of 2020.

The park is also set to have an indoor restaurant, and the zoo is keen to offer a range in the area for those who want to come and eat there.

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