How to make the most out of a weed eater

Weed eater is one of the most popular recreational drugs in Britain, and one of many cannabis-friendly products available in the shops and bars.

But what does it really mean to be a weed-eating, pot-smoking, pot eating, weed eating, pot eater?

We spoke to experts to find out.

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What is a weed Eater?

The term weed eater is often used to describe someone who likes to eat cannabis-infused food, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are a regular pot eater.

“Some people will have had their last joint or two, but are a heavy cannabis eater,” said Dr Emma O’Leary, a health and wellbeing specialist and director of the Institute for Health & Social Care.

“They like to eat as much as possible, often for a short time.”

But even for those who do consume cannabis-related food, there is more than just a cannabis buzz to it.

It is also often used as a way to describe those who consume the drug in a way that they find arousing.

“It can be quite an erotic way to consume cannabis, especially if it’s a bit of an unusual experience,” Dr O’Kelly said.

“You can have a really good time with it, but if it gets you down, it could be a bit weird for you.”


Who are the most common weed eater types?

The UK has more than 500 cannabis-focused bars and restaurants, according to the British Association of Gastronomy (BAG).

The number of bars and pubs in the country has increased by 50% since 2010, according the BAG, with more than 1,200 cannabis-themed eateries in pubs, clubs, and eateries across the UK.

But the numbers don’t stop there.

More than 100,000 people in the UK are under the age of 25, and more than one in five people aged between 18 and 24 have smoked cannabis at some point in their lives, according a 2016 study by the charity DrugScope.

But while many cannabis eateries are catering to the recreational market, there are also some places that cater to a more medicinal and medicinal-focused consumer.

Some of the more well-known brands include: “Hemp Pie” in the trendy Bicester area of London, which specializes in cannabis-based pies.

It’s one of four brands in the Bicester Cannabis Pie Company, which is run by the British Medical Association (BMA).

It’s a small business that produces pies and pastries that are infused with cannabis.

The pie is available in a range of flavours, including raspberry and chocolate, as well as pastries with edible THC-infusing gel, which can be bought from the company’s website.


Are there any restrictions around cannabis consumption in Britain?

The current UK Government guidance on cannabis consumption says it’s not illegal to use cannabis “for medical purposes only”.

But in the past few years, some MPs have tried to change the law, arguing that a “psychoactive” element in cannabis could lead to the development of new forms of addiction, and possibly suicide.

The guidance says that “there is no evidence to suggest that cannabis is an effective treatment for psychosis or for the development or worsening of serious illnesses”.


How long does it take to become a weed eating or pot eating weed eater?

“It depends on your experience,” said O’Rourke.

“What is most important is you get to know the people in your group who are involved in the culture and the environment around you.

They will give you feedback on the quality of the product, which could help you decide whether you want to try it or not.”

For cannabis eater Katie Bancroft, it was a matter of months before she had her first joint.

She was “over the moon” when she first took the drug, but she struggled to stay down for longer than a few weeks, and eventually realised that “I was not happy”.

But it was only after she became more involved with her weed eating and pot eating communities that she realised how much she loved the experience.

“I have become more of a member of the cannabis eating community, I am actually getting more out of it,” she said.


Can I get a cannabis-positive tattoo?

Tattoos, like many other activities, can be challenging for those with certain mental health problems.

The British Association for Psychotherapy and Mental Health (BAPSM) says that in order to get a tattoo you should have “a high level of functioning in the community”.

So if you are struggling with anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder, you should seek advice from a mental health professional.

If you are unsure, you can also seek help from a licensed tattoo artist.


Can you get a ‘Cannabis Positive’ tattoo?

“The answer is yes, absolutely,” said Rachel Pate, the director of tattoo art at

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