Electric weed eater in Tennessee’s largest city has 2,000 customers


— A Tennessee restaurant that serves up electric marijuana has two,000 employees.

Eater Nashville is the first chain of electric weed restaurants in the country.

The owner, Matthew McPherson, told NBC News that it’s a business of convenience, not profit.

McPherts mom has been running a marijuana grow operation since the 1970s and he says the new marijuana businesses in Tennessee are a great opportunity for him.

The city of Nashville is one of several states where marijuana is legal, but many cities in the United States have passed bans on pot shops.

In Tennessee, however, marijuana is a Schedule 1 drug, meaning the drug is considered a dangerous drug that cannot be safely administered to anyone under the age of 21.

McHesher has been opening up his restaurants to a broader range of customers.

He has customers who prefer to eat at home, but also have a craving for a high.

The owners hope that by providing a full-service dispensary, it can bring new revenue to the city.

McWhesher said the business has seen a significant increase in business since he opened the restaurant.

He said he recently hired a fulltime chef who cooks for the owners and employees, and he is making sure that he keeps up with his schedule.

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