Why Uber’s new ‘Dinner and a Movie’ deal won’t be a success

Uber is looking to get out of its $20 billion-a-year food and beverage business with a new partnership with McDonald’s.

The move comes as the company struggles to compete with fast-casual chains like KFC and Taco Bell.

It is expected to add more than 2,000 jobs in the next few months, and the new deal could be the first major shakeup in the company’s history.

“Uber’s dining and entertainment strategy is about building a business that makes the customer happy and makes the environment as safe as possible,” said Mark Parker, the CEO of Uber’s food and beverages business.

“That’s what makes Uber special: We care about safety.

We care deeply about our customers.

And we want to build a company that is truly, 100 percent safe.”

This deal gives us the chance to go in a new direction,” he added.

McDonald’s said in a statement that the deal “provides us the opportunity to continue our strategic partnership with Uber to ensure the best food and drink experiences for our customers and associates.””

We’re excited to expand our partnerships with restaurants and brands that are making great food and our restaurants and our partners around the world,” said McDonald’s Chief Executive Officer Bill Lee.

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