Which one of these girls are you gonna eat?

Cum Eating is a form of oral sex in which the woman sucks on a man’s penis before he ejaculates, which is usually accompanied by a moan or moans from her lover.

Ass Eating is an even less explicit form of eating, but involves an ass being eaten, usually in front of a man.

They’re both often seen in video games, movies, and even TV shows.

In 2016, the BBC said that women are “shocked and horrified” to see the term on the internet.

The term is used to describe eating a penis and often refers to women who are eating it in public, and then having sex with it.

The word comes from a scene from the film The Elephant Man where the character, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, eats a penis, and has sex with a woman who’s also eating the penis.

In the video game, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, one character is depicted as having eaten a penis.

The same character also eats a woman’s breast during a cutscene.

It was reported last year that the term was used by an anonymous woman in her 20s to describe an online relationship with a man who had a penis in a video game.

The woman also described the man as having been “fucking a huge dong in front me,” and described how he was “showing off his balls.”

In a 2015 study published in the Journal of Sex Research, the researchers wrote that they used the term “cum eating” to describe sexual intercourse in which women were “eating out” a man on the video-game level, and “ass eating” as it refers to eating a man and then sucking his penis.

They also said that the word “ass” refers to the act of sucking a man, and that the act itself was not uncommon in “a sexual context.”

They noted that in the study, “the study’s findings were corroborated by the fact that many women who were using this term had not engaged in the act themselves.”

They also noted that “some women reported using it as an expression of their desire to eat the man’s cock, and many women did not have prior knowledge of the term.”

“The term ‘cum eating’ is not an uncommon term in online communities, but it is very recent and does not reflect the experiences of a majority of women,” they wrote.

In another 2016 study, researchers asked 1,200 online participants to list their sexual experience and whether it had included “fisting, licking, or sucking” on a penis that was inserted into their mouth.

Of those, “51 percent reported using the term ‘ass eating,'” the researchers reported.

They said the “general consensus among women was that the use of this term to describe the act was often associated with a sexual context, with women engaging in oral sex as part of an encounter, with men being the initiators.”

They continued, “Most of the women who used the terms ‘ass and cum’ were satisfied with the sexual context and thought that using the terms in a sexual setting would not cause offence or distress.”

They added, “The most common response was that it was often used to imply that women had an interest in sex with men.”

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