What’s the best way to cook your own food?

A Canadian man is offering advice on how to cook his own food while trying to get back into the habit of eating more than he has before.

Jacks Urban Eats is offering an online class that will teach participants how to create food that is delicious and healthy.

The class starts on May 23, with a 10-week, full-time schedule.

(CBC)”I’m trying to figure out how to have fun eating out again, but at the same time, I’m trying not to have as much of a bad relationship with food as I did before,” said Jacob Jones, who has been eating out on and off for more than five years.

“I want to be able to have that same sense of satisfaction with the food, but I don’t want to have it as the ‘oh, it’s good, I ate a piece.'”

The class, called “Eat Healthy,” will be offered online starting on May 3.

For the course, participants will learn how to use an electric pressure cooker, make and eat their own meals, and get healthy eating tips from the likes of Chef John Haines.

“The way I look at it is if I can make it, I can eat it, if I don.

The way that I look is if it tastes good, then I’m going to enjoy it,” Jones said.

The cooking class will be taught by Jacob Jones and his wife, Erica.

“It’s really going to help me have a more enjoyable, healthier relationship with my food, so I can feel good about it, and hopefully that’s going to be good for me and hopefully I can live a healthier lifestyle,” Jones explained.

A cookbook that teaches healthy eating from the inside out will also be on sale.

The program also includes a book called “Cooking With: Healthy Eating in the Kitchen” by Emily Zuckerman.

Jones is a member of a national movement to educate people on healthy eating and how to prepare healthy meals, which has grown from a website, EatHealthy.ca, to an online program.

Jones and Zuckermans book, which she describes as a book for healthy eating, has been downloaded more than two million times.

The book includes recipes and cooking tips, including how to add a bit of spice to your homemade pasta and bread, and how it’s healthier to keep meat on the bones than to cook it in oil.

Jones has a special interest in meat, so he hopes to share his own experiences as a meat eater, but is also open to any ideas and feedback.

“We’re really just trying to find out how can we make this more of a lifestyle thing, how can it make us healthier, and also, how do we make it easier for other people to do this,” Jones told CBC News.

Jones hopes the online cooking class can help others find a healthier way to eat.

“As a vegetarian, I have the luxury of being able to eat what I want, but there are so many different types of foods out there, so if I have something like this, it could definitely be helpful to people,” Jones added.

With files from CBC Radio One’s Morning Edition

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