Video: Mom and son’s ‘perfect’ meal: Eating clipart

A mom and son are having a great meal at their local grocery store after their daughter found a photo of a pie that her mother made.

The mom says she found the photo on Instagram, and she was thrilled when her son asked to share it with her.

She said they have been eating it together for weeks, and they enjoy eating it, but the dad has to get up and take it out of the package.

“He is getting tired of it, and I think he is getting a little bit sick of it,” said Katie Hagan, the mother.

Hagan said the pie is the first of many she is trying to make with her son, who was born in 2012.

She wants to show him that it is not just about eating.

“I love to make food, but I also love to have fun,” she said.

“You know, when we were little, I would have a little toy to play with, and it would just make my little heart go out to him.”

And I thought, ‘Well, you know what?

I can share that with him and hopefully he will like it as much as I do,'” she said of the pie.”

It’s just a small gesture that I can make for my son.

It makes me feel good to share him with someone.

“Hagan hopes to create a similar pie for his younger sister who is also a mother of four.

The father, whose name is not being released, said he was inspired to make the pie after his niece asked him to share a pie with her for Thanksgiving.”

We are all so happy that she has found this beautiful pie,” he said.

The family will be making the pie again on Thanksgiving.

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