#MeToo activists ask for more #meToo stories to help #save #women

A wave of #MeThePeople tweets have started to ask for people to share their experiences of harassment, with a few asking for more stories of women being harassed.

#MeThatsWhatWomenSay hashtag was trending on Twitter Wednesday, with some women offering their own stories of abuse and harassment.

“I have seen so many men sexually harass women on a daily basis and they get away with it.

I have never felt unsafe in a job or in my life,” one Twitter user wrote.”

The more people hear of these incidents, the more they will feel empowered and empowered to speak out,” one woman wrote.

Others offered their own examples of harassment.

“I am a woman of color, so I’ve been harassed more than any other group.

My experience is that I’m more likely to be followed than I am to speak up,” another user wrote, asking for a list of women who have been harassed and the names of the harassers.

“We must do more to help stop the #MeThisToo epidemic,” another woman wrote, calling for the #FreeWomen hashtag to be used as a tool to raise awareness of sexual harassment.

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