How to Lose Your Inner Louse

It was a long day of driving through a desert highway, passing through a cornfield and then onto the interstate, when a pickup truck came rolling out of nowhere and rolled down the ramp.

The driver pulled up and a group of children hopped out of the back of the truck and jumped on the back.

They ran toward the interstate and onto the highway, and the driver followed.

The children hopped on the bumper of the pickup and began playing on it, as the truck rolled down onto the shoulder of the highway.

The truck was headed toward an apartment complex on the side of the road.

The kids ran through the apartment complex, and one of them jumped onto a table and sat on it.

The girl on the table screamed, and she kicked the table, but the truck continued to roll down the highway with the children on it; it was a three-vehicle pileup.

When the truck finally came to a stop, the kids were sitting on the roof of the cab, and they screamed and cried and tried to get up on the truck.

The vehicle came to rest on the concrete.

The man in the truck, who was yelling and cursing, started to pull up the truck window and see if the kids would be OK.

Then the truck driver stopped, put his hands on the window, and told him to get off the truck or he would shoot the kids.

The woman was yelling, “He didn’t mean to do it.

He didn’t have a choice.

He just wants to hurt these kids.”

But he said, “I don’t know what he meant.”

Then the man pulled up the window and saw the girls and said, No, I don’t want you.

The women ran out and the truck went off.

The next thing the truck saw was the children sitting on a concrete ledge.

The car came to an abrupt stop.

The girls screamed, “Oh my God, he shot us!”

Then the car pulled off.

When they got out of it, the truck came to the edge of the cliff and pulled up.

There was a dead boy on the ground.

The people in the car were all yelling, He didn

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