How to become a sex goddess, as a girl from a ‘fringe’ family…

By now, you’ve probably noticed the recent trend of women from “fringe” families, or “sister” households, taking on the role of sex goddess. 

In a way, this is the most obvious of all the roles, since women are typically the ones in charge of children and childcare, and the only ones able to access all of their sexuality. 

However, there are plenty of other women who are willing to take on the roles of sex-positive femme. 

One such woman is Natasha, a 27-year-old, self-described “socially conscious and trans feminist.” 

The actress, born Natasha Paltrow, says she wanted to become “a sex goddess” as a young girl, and she began her journey by participating in “girl’s nights” and volunteering at a youth shelter. 

“I would spend the night with the boys and then I’d be on the bus to get to work, or in the morning I’d go to my office and get up and do my job,” Natasha tells me. 

She says she first saw “girl power” as something she was born with and that she “was always a bit of a tomboy”. 

“In my early twenties, I started feeling a bit sick, so I started dressing a bit more like a girl, but then my friends started noticing me too.”

It was a very gradual process of going from wearing dresses to having full on sex-change operations, but at that point, I really felt like I had my own identity, which was really important to me.” 

She adds that she has been “a little bit of an outsider in the feminist community, and so I’m always looking for something to help me understand the world and my place in it”. 

It’s not just a matter of becoming a “girl” in the traditional sense, either, Natasha believes it’s more important to have a sense of self in your life. 

And that’s why she was inspired to become an advocate for gender equality, and “feminism is more than just a feminist movement”. 

She also believes it is important to look at gender issues in a wider context, in a way that doesn’t solely focus on women and girls, and doesn’t focus on the way they’re perceived in society. 

It also helps if you’re not from a traditional family, Natasha adds. 

When she’s not making videos, Natasha runs her own fashion line and she’s currently in negotiations with several clients, including fashion designer Lotte Von Schalk, fashion photographer Mollie Smith, and actress and model Charlotte Tilbury. 

What do you think of the role that Natasha plays in the “sisters” community?

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