How a new ‘gut-friendly’ gas-free food delivery app has changed how we eat

A new gas-fuelled delivery app called Gourmet Burger offers a burger that is so fresh, you’ll want to throw it into the oven to make sure it’s as delicious as it looks.

“If you’re in the mood for a quick burger, we have the perfect way to satisfy your taste buds,” says Gourmet burger’s founder, Matt Wilson.

“We don’t make any artificial flavourings, gluten-free or vegan-friendly ingredients, so you can taste and feel the burger without worrying about what ingredients you are eating.”

The app, which launched in Australia last month, uses the same technology to process the burger, ensuring the burger is perfectly cooked.

The burger, which comes in a single-layer bun, is a patty cooked on the grill to achieve a crisp outer layer and a tender interior.

“Our burger is a unique hybrid of a burger and a burger bun,” Mr Wilson said.

“With the burger layer, the meat is cooked on an oven that has a high temperature and has a very long cooking time, and then we’ve added in a generous amount of grilled vegetables to make it extra delicious.”

When you order, the customer has a chance to select from a variety of meat options.

The company’s app also features a number of “cooking recipes”, including burgers and sandwiches that are made from different kinds of meat, such as bacon, and also the classic grilled cheese sandwich, a traditional burger staple.

Mr Wilson said it was a big deal to create the app and it had given the company a huge boost in terms of business.

When I asked him how the app had changed since its launch, Mr Wilson told me: “I think it’s all about the app, and it’s about the way the customer sees the food.”

Gourmet Burger is a $6.99 app that uses the latest technology in food delivery and delivers orders from a range of delivery services.

You can find more information about the burger here.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The app uses a variety to create a burger from different meats, including bacon and grilled cheese

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