Dogs eating chocolate to raise money for charity

Dogs are eating chocolate in a bid to raise awareness of cancer and raise money to fight the disease.

They have been given a chance to eat the treats, known as Husqvarna Kush, in a campaign to raise funds for cancer research.

The dogs are given the treats every week and are fed a mixture of chocolate and sugar and then put into their mouths.

They are then filmed being filmed eating the treats.

The campaign was launched in Dublin on Saturday and is called “Weeds for Husqvans”.

It aims to raise enough money for a “health centre” to provide support for cancer sufferers and also provide food to those living with the disease, it said.

Mr O’Malley said he is pleased to see the dogs having fun with the treats but that the campaign needs to get the word out about the charity and about the disease as a whole.

“The campaign is just an expression of the desire of the dogs themselves to share this with the public,” he said.

“It’s a bit like an open-heart surgery and the public have to be aware of what it is before it’s performed.”

“I think the dogs are really excited about this and are doing a great job of making this happen,” he added.

The Dogs on Ice programme began in April last year and was filmed at two locations in the city.

The film, which aired on RTE, was filmed in two different locations at the same time.

“What the dogs do with these treats is really amazing and it’s a fantastic way of raising money for cancer patients and for the vets who treat them,” Mr O’Mara said.

Husqvarna is an Irish breed which originated in the UK and is now spread around the world.

Its popularity in Ireland has been fuelled by its popularity in the British TV show “The Dogs”, which has been viewed by over four million people worldwide.

“Hus-qvarna has been so popular here in Ireland and I think the popularity is so much greater than the other dogs,” Mr Kavanagh said.

He said he had been contacted by a number of people who have seen the video and expressed their appreciation for the charity.

“I’ve also been approached by people from abroad who are really looking forward to seeing Husqvarnas and having them come to Ireland and have some treats,” he explained.

A Husqvara Kush can be purchased for €5 from the Dogs on ICE website.”

The dogs have been very kind to me and I really appreciate their generosity.”

A Husqvara Kush can be purchased for €5 from the Dogs on ICE website.

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