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An Adelaide girl is going topless for her own “Soul Eater” costume.

Blair Soul Eater is the name of the Adelaide-based dance company which stars singer Jaimie Sturgess and choreographer Lisa Mascia.

Ms Sturgesses said she loved the concept of her “Soul Eating” costumes and the fact she could be herself in them.

“I love it when you can be yourself in your costumes.

It’s really empowering,” she said.”

It’s just something you just have to be yourself and just be yourself.”

To wear a bodysuit for me it’s a bit like going back to school and wearing your uniform.

It is the uniform, it’s the look, it just feels good.

“Ms Sturdess said the idea came from a dream to be a professional dancer, but her dream fell apart when her body was put through the wringer.”

When I was younger I didn’t realise how hard it was, I didn.

It was really hard,” she recalled.”

So it’s been a long time since I had my body that I really had control over.

“And the more I learned about my body the more it just felt like my body was a gift.

It wasn’t something I had control of.”

That’s what it’s like when you’re in a relationship and you don’t realise you’re having a lot of problems with your body.


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