A New Orleans diner who lost everything to an eating disorder treatment says he’s back to “eatin’ again”

A New York City diner has been reunited with his family after being in a coma for nearly a year.

Diners Anthony Gaudiano and Jennifer Zampolli were at a dinner party at a restaurant on the Upper East Side of Manhattan last September when Anthony Gaudi was diagnosed with a rare eating disorder.

The 36-year-old had been eating as if nothing had happened.

Gaudiano was diagnosed in 2016 after a decade of being on a gluten-free diet and was also receiving treatment for an eating and exercise disorder.

He was released from a psychiatric hospital in January 2017.

Jennifer Zampollsi, who has been living with her husband for the last year, told ABC News, “I’m eating like a chicken.”

Zampollsis story comes as a federal judge granted a temporary restraining order for a woman who said she suffered from an eating disorders disorder and was fed up with her treatment by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The man accused of abusing Gaudianis, Eric James Gaudiere, was also arrested.

He’s accused of repeatedly touching the 33-year old woman.