How to cook at a restaurant and eat it on the go

HOUSTON – With the arrival of Uber and Lyft, the food trucks have become a way for the public to get into the dining experience of eating at a food truck.

But now, the same food trucks that are making a living by serving up delicious food at night are also opening up for business.

For the first time, a number of Houston food trucks are opening up their doors for business in the downtown area, offering diners a place to eat in a relaxed environment.

The Houston Food Truck Network announced Wednesday that it will be opening up at 5 p.m. and 7 p.b.m., the same time as a number the restaurants typically open up at.

“We are really excited to be opening a new location in downtown Houston, where our food will be fresh, tasty and affordable,” said Brian DeWitt, the founder of the Houston Food Trucks Network.

This is an opportunity for our community to come together and enjoy food without having to leave the comfort of home,” said DeWit.

DeWitt said the network has been able to open its doors in the Downtown Eastside for the last few months, but was still looking for the right space.

At 7 p:m., there will be a line outside the Houston Marriott Hotel, which is located at the corner of Westheimer and Broadway, and that line will go around the block.

A couple of blocks away, you can find a restaurant called the Grotto.

If you’re craving the best in Houston, there’s always the famous restaurant the House, which has been serving up its signature fried chicken for more than a century.

You’ll find the restaurant on the same block where the Marriott Hotel is located, at the intersection of Broadway and Westheimer.

The Houston food truck network also announced that it is opening up a new restaurant at the same location.

Here’s the full list of restaurants that will be open for business on a full day.

Diners who are in the Houston area and want to eat out in the comfort and convenience of their own home should come out and get their own meal on the table.

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